Sport Business Intelligence Services

Sport Business School is Finland’s leading research and development solutions provider in the field of sport business and experience industry. Use of modern information technology and applicable research methods enables efficient information production to support the development of organization’s strategic management and business processes.

Research tools are designed to meet the growing need of online feedback from customers and business partners. Focus of Sport Business School intelligence services alters from event impact research to exploiting customer values, customer and business partner expectations and satisfaction to brand image and non-spectator surveys.

Sport Business School helps organizations to plan relevant data collection and helps organizations to use data management and modern data analysis to develop activities and events, create competitive advantages, create new demand, evaluate outsourced activities, search new customer segments, and to maximize the benefits and income as well as minimize the negative effects and costs in organizing events.

We use advanced information technology platforms and develop modern research methods with our partners to get concrete results and generate practical ways to develop.


Sport Business School offers following Sport Business Intelligence solutions for customers. All intelligence services can also be tailored and modified according to the customer's specific needs and demands.

Sport Business School Finland is also an expert in conducting studies concerning individuals current business performance and future competences to identify the needs for education and consultation within the sport organizations as well as the whole industry. Additionally Sport Business School has conducted extensive researches about the economic volume, employment, resources, and future trends of sport business to support decision making and resource planning.

Example of an event survey concept

Data collection design
Opening and maintaining the Webropol database
Questionnaire/Interview design
Data collection
On-line access to database during the data collection process
Immediate reporting (rough data) during the event
Webropol Analytics (sophisticated data according to the wishes of our clients)

Additional services

pre-, during and post event consulting

Please contact us and we are happy to present our work and services in more detail.