Sport Business School Finland has conducted several research projects in both national and international contexts including the following interesting research cases.

Sport Business Intelligence

Sport Business Intelligence can be defined as systematic and continuous collection and analysis of relevant data in order to develop sport organizations and events. Sport Business Intelligence is relatively new approach to sport management, and we strongly believe that successful business performance development in sport organizations requires professional business management applied with business intelligence solutions where customers, fans, partners, sports brands, and organization's business competences are at focus.

Neste Rally Finland

Sport Business School Finland has been an essential business intelligence partner for Neste Rally Finland organizers since 2011. Co-operation with the rally organizers first started with focus on spectators and generating valid information concerning customer satisfaction, buying behavior, motives to take part in the event as well as understanding spectators' general views about rally. Over the years the data collection has evolved to large sets of data and information owned by the rally organizer and providing a opportunity to create insights and profound customer analysis to develop event and fan management based on modern sport business approach.

During the 6 years of collaboration the rally organizer AKK Sport Ltd. together with Sport Business School Finland have conducted several other research projects involving rally organizer's strategic business partners, event economic and social impacts for the host city region, rally brand image and spectator values, non-spectators, and customer experiences.

Lahti 2017 Nordic World Ski Championships

Lahti will be hosting the Nordic World Ski Championships in 2017, which is the seventh time for the city of Lahti to organize such a major international winter sport championships event. The experienced organizer is working hard to create an excellent winter sports event where the core is customer experience that is combined with emotions, excellent service quality and effortlessness.

That is the main reason why Sport Business School has been working together with the organizers, aiming to use the collected data for creating the best Nordic World Ski Championships of all time. The collaboration for the 2017 games started in the 2015 FIS Lahti Ski Games and culminates in the Lahti 2017 Championships event. Sport Business School has worked before together with the Lahti Ski Games organizer in 2011, 2013 and 2014 conducting researches among spectators and non-spectators. This information from the previous years has turned out to be an important asset in designing an event that exceeds all the expectations.

FIA World Rally Championship

WRC is without a doubt one of the most challenging motorsport championships in a world. Widely recognized elite motorsport action tours around the world visiting 15 countries in 14 different rally events (in 2016) and gaining attention of millions of fans onsite in the events and through various online broadcasting platforms.

In 2014, Sport Business School Finland together with the FIA and WRC Promoter conducted a global study targeted for rally fans to further understand the key aspects in following and consuming the rally, exploring fans' brand perceptions about WRC and satisfaction with the current WRC as well as the fans' views about the future WRC development . The purpose of the study was to collect valid information from championship's most important interest group in order to develop the WRC to be even more attracting and interesting for the current and new fans of rallying.

International Sport and Culture Association ISCA

International Sports and Culture Association is an open platform to organizations working within the field of sport for all, recreational sports and physical activity. One of ISCA's most recognizable annual event is MOVE Week which gathers millions of participants and thousands of event organizers, Agents, together to Move and have fun. MOVE Week is an integral part of NowWeMove campaign which is originally purposed to promote physical activity and fight against the issues caused by the inactivity.

ISCA and Sport Business School Finland started the research and development cooperation in 2014 with studies conducted among MOVE Week participants and Agents. In 2015, SBS Finland and ISCA agreed for 3-year deal to educate and implement sport business intelligence solutions and methods to ISCA organization to support the rapid growth of the organization's activities and manage the massive network of organizations and individuals by knowledge-based decision making.

Finnish Basketball Federation

The Finnish basketball federation is a new development partner for Sport Business School. Collaboration started from the international highlight in 2014 with the Basketball World Cup research project, and continued with the studies conducted among national basketball league clubs during the season 2014-2015. In total, 11 customer satisfaction surveys were conducted to explore the satisfaction of the clubs' fans with the match day event to further develop the services and concepts of the basketball events.

Additionally, Sport Business School and Finnish basketball federation have recently surveyed also the FIBA U20 Men's European Championships organized in July 2016 in Helsinki and the fans' satisfaction in national basketball team event in August 2016. One of the the aims of the surveys and data collection is to generate best practices and prepare for hosting the preliminary round phase of the 2017 FIBA Men's European Championships in Helsinki.

Finnish Volleyball Federation

The Finnish volleyball federation is a new development partner for Sport Business School. Collaboration started from the international highlight in 2014 Volleyball World Championships, and continued with the studies conducted among national volleyball league clubs during season the 2014-2015.

Each of the 12 national league clubs took part in the extensive research project to explore the current state of the volleyball match day events and to collect first hand information from the fans how to improve the clubs' match day business.

Legacy Planning

We at the Sport Business School define legacy planning as systematic event planning work with the help of relevant data collection in order to maximize the benefits and minimize the negative effects of an event to all the stakeholders. This covers all the strategic actions that are planned and take place before, during and after the event. With the growing global interest of the cities and communities to host sport and cultural events there is a demand for strategic knowledge-based event planning and event evaluation to utilize the potential that events provide for hosting communities. Leveraging positive tangible and intangible outcomes is always a result of intelligent event management where data collection and management plays an essential role.

Sulkava Rowing Race

The Sulkava Rowing Race is nationally famous and traditional rowing competition which is organized annually in a small 2.800 inhabitants municipality in the heart of lakeside Finland.

SBS Finland and the rowing race organizer worked together for three years researching the different stakeholders and interest groups of the event to identify the rowing race's unique nature and significant impact on the local economy and branding of the region. The research project and systematic data collection eventually led to multiple tactical and strategic development operations where the rowing race nowadays plays a major role in the community marketing and brand management also offering annual boost for the local community and economy.

Kuopio-Tahko regional development company

Kuopio-Tahko region launched a research campaign together with Sport Business School Finland with a purpose to assist regional event organizers to objectively evaluate their events and develop formats of cooperation between event organizers, tourism operators and the municipalities.

Results and experiences from the past two years of collaboration have shown that the event organizers have found new ideas, means and common functions for development as collected information, data analysis and research conclusions are shared together with operators that take part in the research collaboration. Meetings and workshops among regional event organizers connected with the recent surveys about events have provided valuable insights to manage events and share best practices within the network.

Finnish Olympic Committee's Sport Finland

Sport Finland is an event management unit that operates under the Finnish Olympic Committee, and acts as bridge builder and connector between sports federations, cities, event organizers, organizations and other entities.

Sport Business School Finland has worked together with Sport Finland since 2013 in multiple different national and international sport events as an event research expert. The focus of the event surveys has been on the event visitors' direct consumption as well as in evaluating the success of the general organizations of the event. During the cooperation the most notable event evaluations were completed in the following international sport events:

2013 Finlandia Trophy in Espoo
2014 Wrestling European Championships in Vantaa
2014 FIS Ski World Cup Lapland Race Levi in Kittilä
2015 Lahti Ski Games in Lahti
2015 Biathlon World Championships in Kontiolahti
2015 Women's World Floorball Championships in Tampere
2016 EuroGames in Helsinki.
Lahti Region development company

Collaboration between Lahti Region and Sport Business School took place in 2013 and 2014 and aimed to explore the direct economic impacts of multiple different sport and cultural events organized in the city of Lahti and its surroundings. With the results the research assigner was able to develop insights concerning the benefits of different events and compare the best practices and outcomes of hosting events in the region, and plan the strategic cooperation with the events according to the latest data and information.