Sport Business School Finland actively pursue to publish research reports and broader publications regarding the most significant research projects from the field of sport and event management. We are also willing to collaborate with partners who are interested in publishing more or less scientific papers, books, e-books, and other material suitable also for education purposes. Have a look at some of the work we have done together with our partners over the years.

Gymnaestrada 2015 Helsinki -tapahtumatutkimus (Gymnaestrada 2015 Helsinki event survey)

Gymnaestrada 2015 Helsinki event was one the most extensive sports events organized in Finland during 2015. Sport Business School Finland together with Sponsor Insight conducted an event evaluation which addressed the direct economic and touristic impacts of the event as well as the participants' and spectators' experiences and satisfaction concerning the event and the host city, Helsinki. Furthermore, the research group presented a modern model to evaluate the direct impacts of major and medium sized sport events in the future.

Authors: Osmo Laitila, Teemu Ratilainen, Kari Puronaho, Klaus Virkkunen

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Sport Business Intelligence: Case WRC Neste Oil Rally Finland

The purpose of the book released in 2015 is to summarize the research project activities conducted by Sport Business School Finland between 2011-2014 in WRC Neste Rally Finland events. The articles in the publication explore the findings of different studies from several perspectives. The first three texts are written by internationally acknowledged academics from South Africa, the USA, Portugal and Finland, and the other two are written by JAMK’s Sport Management students.

The main theme of the book describes the application of business intelligence in a sport event and introduces various researches conducted in WRC Rally Finland. During these years, the implemented studies have included the economic impacts of the event to hosting city, brand perceptions and personal value structures of the spectators, expectations and satisfaction of
fans, spectators, event partners and sponsors, as well as the views and attitudes of the local citizens towards the rally event.

Authors: Risto Rasku & Aila Ahonen (eds.)

A copy of the book can be purchased from Grano KopiStore e-shop. Publication language is English.

Drop-out vai throw-out? Tutkimus lasten ja nuorten liikuntaharrastusten kustannuksista (Drop-out or throw-out?: Research about the expenses of children and youngsters doing sports in a sports clubs)

The report discusses about the development of total expenses of children and youngsters aged between 6 to 18 years doing sports in a sports clubs in Finland. Total expenses are compared with the results of 2001 and 2013 through 13 different sports. Results indicate that in many of the sports the total expenses have doubled or in few cases almost tripled which leads to a situation where doing competitive sports in a sports clubs becomes too expensive for some children.

Author: Kari Puronaho

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Liikunta- ja urheilutoimiala Keski-Suomessa: Selvitys toimialan rakenteesta ja osaamistarpeesta. (Physical exercise and sport industry in Central Finland region: Study concerning the structure of the industry and competence qualifications in the future)

The study is a unique project in Finnish sport and leisure industry as it summarizes the broad view of the industry's economical volume, employment, present and future competences and general resources in the Central Finland region for the first time. Research project was conducted in 2013 as a collaboration of KIHU - Research Institute for Olympic Sports, JAMK University of Applied Sciences' Sport Business School and University of Jyväskylä, Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences.

Authors: Jari Lämsä, Aila Ahonen, Johanna Stenholm and Antti A. Mero.

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The image of football: Case FIFA World Cup 2010

The image of football: Case FIFA World Cup 2010 is Sport Business School's first publication from the collaborative research work during FIFA World Cup 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa. The publication discusses about the studies of international research collaboration focusing on football image profile and fan values.

Authors: Risto Rasku and Aila Ahonen (ed.).

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