The strategic partners of Sport Business School Finland are very highly valued businesses who share the will to be positively deviant perfomers on their own line of business. Our common aim is to assist each other in doing our business even better together.

We are proud and happy to share the PASSION for Sport Business development with the RESPECTED partners!

Strategic Business Partner

Webropol - the company

Established in 2002 in Finland, Webropol is the developer and supplier of Webropol survey, reporting and analysis solutions. Webropol 2.0 has been developed to be as easy and fast to use for basic survey needs as it is for the demanding needs of analysts and experts. Whilst it continues to grow in success it is already the most commonly used survey solution in Scandinavia. Webropol 2.0 enables organizations to refine data and information into knowledge and understanding:

Quicker than before
Easier than before
More cost efficient than before

Webropol users

With over 50,000 users worldwide consisting of both public and private sector organizations Webropol 2.0 boasts a strong Scandinavian presence with continued growth globally. Webropol 2.0 is especially popular in the academic sector and the application is used by several universities across Europe and Asia.

IT knowledge is not necessary to be able to take advantage of Webropol. It is used for large scale research as well as for quick daily ad-hoc surveys. Webropol 2.0 is easy to use and offers a large amount of functionalities without the need for complex software.

Webropol 2.0

The Webropol 2.0 application can be used as a SaaS version or it can also be installed on the customer´s own server (Webropol 2.0 Clover). Webropol 2.0 consists of following elements:

Enterprise Feedback Management
Case and Document Management (available only in Webropol 2.0 Clover)
Mass reporting
Qualitative data analysis
Quantitative analysis
Cross tabulation of the customer’s entire material
Simulation and predictive analysis
Standardized high quality surveys with reports and analyses as a turn-key service
Webropol MS Outlook and MS Word add-in functions
Marketing and communication management*

*under development

Webropol 2.0 can be quickly integrated to strategic applications such as CRM, ERP and HRM. Webropol 2.0 dashboard and advanced analytic functionality ensures that Webropol customers can effortlessly take a step into the Business Intelligence world. Webropol 2.0 gives Business Intelligence a new dimension!

Business Partners

The partners and customers of Sport Business School Finland are sport event organizers and sport operators sharing the will to be positively deviant perfomers on their own line of business. Our common goal is to help partners and customers to be even more successful in their line of business. These partners are operators from various sport events and leagues, event organizers and promoters.