Future of Sport Marketing is a two day seminar targeted for sport business and management professionals and students. The event takes place in Haaga-Helia main campus in Pasila, Helsinki, on 8-9 November 2018. Address of the seminar venue is Ratapihantie 13.

The event offers interesting presentations from nationally and internationally recognized academics and professionals from the field of sport and event management. Seminar presentations discuss especially about the current topics within sport marketing providing a platform for participants to generate and share new ideas in development of marketing in and through sport organizations and events.


The seminar programme follows the outline below. Sport Business School holds the rights to make changes for the seminar schedule if necessary. All keynote presentations are presented at the main auditorium and delivered in English.


12.30- Registration

13.45- Welcome, introduction and start of the first day, Sport Business School Finland

14.00- Jason Nikkinen, Regional marketing manager, EA Sports, "Blurring the lines between the physical & digital world in sports marketing"

15.15- Pekka Elo, Country manager Finland, Unisport, "In a quest for healthier society"

16.00- Break

16.30-18.00 Alan McTavish, Commercial Director at Everton FC and Ville Heijari, Chief Marketing Officer at Rovio Entertainment Corporation, "The partnership between Everton FC and Angry Birds"


09.00- Start of the Second Day

09.15- Fiona Green, Winners, "Customer data and successful sport management"

10.00- Feng Junjie, Sport Business School Finland, "Sport Marketing in China - What do we really know about it?"

10.30- Break

10.45- Noora Mikola, Head of grassroots HJK, "HJK awarded grassroots gold"

11.15- Carsten Bartsch, The Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, "Commercialization of sport - does it ruin or strengthen the true spirit of sports?"

12.00- What’s next?, Sport Business School Finland

12.15- Graduation ceremony


Jason Nikkinen

Jason Nikkinen is a Regional Marketing Manager at EA Sports & Racing at Electronic Arts, responsible for Nordics area. Jason is a creative marketing professional, who has been working for globally recognized companies. He has a diverse background in marketing, for example, in Brand Management, Design Management, eCommerce, Social Media and, obviously, Sport Marketing. Can you even imagine how impressive his presentation will be?

Pekka Elo

Pekka Elo is working as a country manager at Unisport in Finland. Unisport is a market leading company in sport and exercise facility services in Nordic countries. Besides, he is also a member of Unisport’s group management team. Due to his huge previous experience is Sales and a lot of unique insights everybody can gain interesting and important ideas from Pekka’s presentation.

Alan McTavish and Ville Heijari

Alan McTavish and Ville Heijari are going to share their experience of partnership between Everton FC and Angry Birds. Alan McTavish has been already working for football clubs for nine years and now is working for Everton FC as a Commercial Director. Besides that he has more than 20 years background of working for market leading organizations at Sales, Business development and Key account management.
Ville Heijari is a Chief Marketing Officer at Rovio Entertainment Corporation, based here in Finland. Ville is also a member of Rovio’s leadership team starting from this year. Seminar participants will definitely explore something new from Alan and Ville’s presentation. Such a successful and international example of partnership has a lot valuable things to learn and implement!

Fiona Green

Fiona Green is a British expert in Customer Relationship Management, author of the book “Winning with Data: CRM & Analytics in the Business of Sports”. Fiona is a co-founder of a CRM and Business Intelligence agency “Winners”, located in Manchester. At the Future of Sport Marketing 2018 seminar we will have an opportunity to listen to her presentation about the customer data and how to apply it successfully to the sport management.

Feng Junjie

Feng Junjie is a sport business and marketing professional coming from China. He has studied and worked in Finland as researcher and head coach for a long period. Feng will share his knowledge about Sport Marketing in China at the Future of Sport marketing 2018 seminar. We are welcoming this truly international Sport Business professional and researcher!

Noora Mikola

Noora Mikola has got her Master degree in sport psychology and coaching in 2016 at the University of Jyväskylä. Nowadays Noora works at HJK ry. Her position is a Head of Grassroots in HJK. Noora is responsible for children’s football schools and the district teams for boys. At the seminar she will tell us a story of success: “HJK awarded grassroots gold”.

Carsten Bartsch

Carsten Bartsch is an experienced marketing professional coming from Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, Munich, Germany. At HDBW University Carsten works as a “Business Administration” program director, Vice President for International development and executive education, and professor of marketing and business management. Moreover, Carsten is a consultant in the areas of marketing, brand management, sales, strategy and business model development. During the FOSM 2018 seminar he will share his knowledge about the commercialization of sport and how it affects the sport.