How to Apply

Education programmes are open for all candidates who are motivated and willing to work in the field of sport and sport management. Application procedures and periods vary depending on the level of education the candidate is applying for and the previous education the candidate has acquired.

From this page you will find the latest information of when and how to apply.

Bachelors’ degree programmes are designed for persons looking for the vocational higher education degree in the field of sport.
Open University of Applied Sciences study course in sport marketing is designed for professionals who are working in the field sport and leisure management and are motivated to improve personal skills and competences according to the latest form of Sport Business Intelligence.
Master’s degree programme is targeted for professionals who already have a bachelor’s degree and/or have been working in the field of sport and health management for the minimum of three years.

Applying for Bachelors’ programmes

Application procedures and periods for candidates applying for Bachelors’ programmes follow the principles of a Joint Applications of higher education in Finland. Application period for education programmes starting on spring is generally open on January (non-Finnish degree programmes) and from March to April (Finnish degree programmes).

Bachelor of Business Administration, Sport Marketing and Management
Apply for JAMK’s Business Administration programme through Joint Applications system. After the first year of basic studies it is possible for the student to apply and specialize in sport marketing and management studies.
Check for more information about studying JAMK’s Business Administration, Sport Marketing and Management. (only in Finnish)

Bachelor of Sports, Sport and Leisure Management
Apply for Haaga-Helia’s Sport and Leisure Management programme through Joint Applications system. Please note that it is possible to choose to study in English or in Finnish.

Check for more information about studying in Finnish.
Check for more information about studying in English.

Applying for Open University of Applied Sciences Study Course in sport marketing

Professionals who are working in the field of sport management and/or sport marketing are valid to apply for sport marketing study course which will start again on August 2017. Applications deadline for the course is June 2017 and the candidates can apply for the course by completing the advance assignment, application form and contacting the responsible lecturers during application period. Detailed dates and procedures for applying are announced during May 2017 as the next intake for the course takes place.

The extent of sport marketing study course is 3 semesters (spring-autumn-spring) and 30 credits of which 15 are eligible for reimbursement in Master’s degree programme in Sport Development and Management.

Applying for Master’s degree programmme

Application period for candidates applying for Master’s degree programme generally takes place on March-April. Eligibility to apply for Degree Programme in Sport Development and Management is conferred by an appropriate University of Applied Sciences Bachelor’s degree or another appropriate higher education degree and at least three years of work experience in sport and health management or development area.

Student selection will be carried out on the basis of the entrance examination. The maximum score for the entrance examination is 100 points. An entrance examination consist of advance assignment (max. 40 points), written section exam (max. 20 points) and interview exam (max. 40 points).

See full information of application procedures:

In Finnish – Next application period for Finnish degree programme takes place on March-April 2018
Next intake for English Degree Programme undecided