Bachelor Programmes

Haaga-Helia university of applied sciences and JAMK university of applied sciences offer two different approaches on sport studies at a bachelor level. Sport Business School Finland acts as an educational operator in various phases of bachelor level education.

The two approaches to sport business studies and sport studies are;

Bachelor of Business Administration, Sport Management and Marketing (JAMK)
Bachelor of Sports, Sports and Leisure Management (Haaga-Helia)

Bachelor of Business Administration, Sport Management and Marketing studies in JAMK University of Applied Sciences

JAMK University of Applied Sciences is located in Jyväskylä, Central Finland. JAMK’s Sport Management and Marketing studies offer dynamic and interesting studies, both in national and international contexts. Read more about the study program in Finnish.

The content of the sport marketing and management professional studies are presented below. (click on image to view full screen)

Sport Management and Marketing studies include a practical training period (30 ECTS) in a sports organization and a bachelor’s thesis (15 ECTS). In total the degree is 210 ECTS (3,5 years).

Arno Combined His Studies With Elite Sports (in Finnish)

Research Assistant Osmo is Developing Sports Organizations (in Finnish)

Bachelor of Sports Studies, Sport and Leisure Management studies in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

The Degree Program of Sport and Leisure Management is located in a beautiful Vierumäki campus in southern Finland and it prepares the students with the knowledge and skills that are needed in today’s´ sports and leisure industry. The studies are conducted in a professional working environment where initiatives on the part of the students on innovations and projects are highly appreciated and expected.

The program is truly international. Every year several students come from different countries, e.g. Canada, USA, Japan, Slovenia, South Africa, England, Germany, Austria and many more. These international students bring different cultures, coaching cultures, traditions, behaviors, and working strategies to the course, which leads to a real exchange in terms of knowledge and practices. Guest lecturers, project-work abroad in cooperation with the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and on-campus exchange students add another level of internationalization to the studies. The students are encouraged to attend and organize international events, seminars and conferences, which create the possibility for networking with other coaches and sport managers and to establish connections to associations and clubs in numerous countries.

See the content of the degree program below. (click on image to view full screen)

Upon finishing the course the graduate has the opportunities to work in the following areas:

Sports coaching (with emphasize on ice-hockey and on athlete-centered coaching)
Managing and organizing sports events and activities
Teaching of sport to special target groups
Instructing and coaching in sports associations and federations, as well as in clubs and gyms
Work in the administration and management of sports clubs, gyms, associations and federations

For further information see the introduction of the degree program in Finnish and in English.

Sport and Leisure Management studies at Vierumäki (in Finnish)